About Our Business

Incorporated in 2007, Georgia Specialized Investigative Services is
owned and staffed by a President who is a Certified Fraud Specialist and
has been in this field of service since 1962.   Formal education includes
a BA in Criminal Justice, a BS in Sociology, an MSA in Social
Administration, an MPA in Public Administration and a Juris Doctor in

Specialized law enforcement training includes the FBI National Academy,
Drug Enforcement Agency, Narcotic & Drug Enforcement and more than
3000 hours in advanced training in:
hazardous materials, computer forensics
organized crime, white collar crime
right wing extremist groups, child pornography
explosives, conflict resolution
psychological profiling, violent crimes
the occult, gang activities, identity theft,
electronic surveillance, sex crimes, and fraud.

Our mission statement is to provide professional investigative services, consultations, analyses and security to individuals and corporations
according to their needs.  Our goal is to deliver quality results in an
efficient and ethical manner.
About Our Business
Georgia License #PDC002280
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