Georgia Specialized Investigative Services LLC is a fully
licensed, bonded and insured Georgia Company providing
professional private investigative services to Attorneys,  
Insurance Companies, Third Party Administrators,
Corporations and Businesses, and Private  Individuals
throughout the state of Georgia and surrounding areas.  With
over 37 years of  professional investigative experience, we are
confident and comfortable handling all types of investigative
We are a full service company and offer a wide range of
traditional investigative services.  We utilize a  vast network of
computerized information and background sources which
allows us to obtain the most accurate, up to date, and hard to
find information possible.
At Georgia Specialized Investigative Services LLC, we believe
there is absolutely no substitute for hard work,  perseverance
and attention to detail.  We have become very successful and
well respected in the investigative field by continuing to do
three simple things in every investigation we undertake.  First is
our longstanding commitment to provide all of our clients with
the best possible service.  Second, we guarantee those
services to be performed in a professional and timely manner.  
Thirdly, we will continue to strive for excellence in whatever
assignment we undertake.
Georgia Specialized Investigative Services
Georgia License #PDC002280
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